Wagner Pet Products Group

The chronic of our brands:

Several economically independent companies and strong trademarks are underlying the Wagner Pet Products Group.

  • Papageienparadies


    Creation of the "Papageienparadies" and the online shop

  • Development of the first colorful parrot toys and food hiding toys for parakeets & parrots

  • Manufacturing of cages and aviaries in premium quality, first only parrot- and parakeet cages and now also rodent homes

  • Manuvit


    Development of food supplements for birds

  • WAGNER ®


    Development of the "Wagner pellets" main food for parrots (start of production in 2001 in our own facilities, license as a feed manufacturer)

  • Java


    Java Tree Perches for parrots, beautiful climbing perches, colorful wooden toys for cockatoos and macaws dyed with food coloring and chewing wood/toys for dogs.

  • Avilux ®


    Energy saving lamp for UVA / UVB supply of pet birds

  • Avicur ®


    Development of a serum against the feather plucking of parrots

  • Designer dog sofas and beds made followed in old English tradition

  • W&J Sport


    The sporty dog brand offers dog coats, harnesses and dog beds

  • First Shop in the retail trade.

  • Wagner`s -­ Schönes für Vögel


    The probably safest and highest quality bird toy made of stainless steel added by wood and cotton

  • Full range of chews for dogs with no additives, ideal for Barfer

  • Swedish Amber


    Amber necklaces as a natural protection against ticks for dogs & cats

  • Fashionable designer - scratch cartons and cat caves made of felt

  • Chews for raw meat feeders under the family brand Larsson Farm ®

  • CatCastle


    innovative designer scratching furniture in the Bauhaus style produced on our own CNC machines.

  • the first industrially produced wheel for cats "Made in Germany"

  • Yaky ®


    Chewing pleasure after Nepali model, especially hard and wholesome

  • WAGNER ®


    High-end animal products such as aviaries made of stainless steel, gold-plated feed bars and handmade leather items in the luxury segment.

  • Catniss


    Good and affordable! A wide range of premium quality scratching posts for cats.

  • Little Lord ®


    PREMIERE! In 2021 we will present our new designer dog brand. Stay tuned!